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  • What are you going to do after work on FRIDAY?

    What are you going to do after work on FRIDAY? Back home with the internet in your room or ENJOY the POKER TIME with colleagues! Our company believes that the efficiency of employees depends on how much freedom you gave to them. The atmosphere of breaking time should be treated as important as th...
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  • Are high pressure washers safe for cars?

    Can You Pressure-Wash Your Car? No. Plenty of people use a pressure washer to clean their car, but it can do more harm than good. Using a pressure washer can damage or nick the paint, which could lead to rust.
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  • Have you ever seen a sander that can sand a piece of wood in 10 seconds?

    10 seconds to take you to unlock the power of the sander,Have you ever seen a sander that can sand a piece of wood in 10 seconds? ANSIAUTO will take you to take a look. It can smooth and clean a rough piece of wood in just 10 seconds. If you also need such a sander, please contact us:  https://w...
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  • Our Favorite National Car Care Month Car Cleaning Kits

    Our Favorite National Car Care Month Car Cleaning Kits

    April is National Car Maintenance Month!(Relax, gearheads – we just discovered that too.) To celebrate, we’ve picked out some of our favorite car cleaning and detailing kits that are designed for a variety of purposes.No matter what kind of car you drive or how serious you are about c...
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  • How to choose microfiber wash towels?

    The following is the microfiber car wash towel performance characteristics, when you know these know how to choose.   High water absorption: the microfiber adopts the orange flap technology to divide the filament into eight petals, so that the fiber surface area increases, the pores in the f...
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  • ANSITOOL Car wash towel material classification own car wash matters needing attention

    Now the owner of the car wash is expensive, so many car owners now like their own car wash, feel both economical and affordable, and will not spend too much energy on it. However, when the car owner chooses to wash his car, he should choose a towel and use a special car wash towel . What are the ...
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  • What is a polisher and polishing material?

    The polishing machine [1] consists of basic components such as a base, a dish, a polishing fabric, a polishing cover and a cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected to the motor shaft through a screw. The polishing fabric is fastened to...
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  • how to choose car wash gun

    Here diverse car wash tools to choose, it is hard to distingush what car wash tools should be used, today here introduce car cleaning gun [Car wash spray gun] how to choose car wash water gun principle high pressure car wash spray gun principle home car wash water gun As for high-pressure car was...
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  • The difference between the sander and the polisher

    The polishing machine can generally be defined as surface roughing, the polishing machine is finishing, the polishing machine is generally simple, such as the general hand grinding wheel, etc. The polishing machine has high processing requirements, so the mechanical precision is higher than the p...
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  • Grinding and polishing materials: good experts in car maintenance

    Abstract In the usual use of cars, it is inevitable that the body will be rushed all the way. Although car paint has little effect on the performance components of the car, it is not a small injury to you who love you or love you! However, like the face of your car & rd… In the usual us...
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  • How to choose the right car detailing?

    For car owners, it is not only about learning to drive but also about car maintenance. The maintenance of the car is good, and its useful life will be extended. In addition to maintaining important parts such as tires and engines, the appearance of a car is also very important. The appearance of ...
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  • This electric brushless sander, you must have

    After test and study, it is found that ANSITOOL sander machine is small in size, light in weight, high in power, 6 speed , sealed motor, which greatly reduces working loss.… #sander #electric sander #brushless sander #wood working #car polishing
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